Breaking down the Ducks’ top 5 most expensive games of 2014-15

Last season, the Anaheim Ducks finished with a 54-20-8 record and made their 10th playoff appearance in franchise history. While they ultimately fell to the Kings in the Conference Semifinals, the Ducks have continued to prove their significance in a dominant Pacific Division. The team ended the 2013-14 season with first place honors in the division, owning eight more regular season wins than the Kings, who eventually went on to win the Stanley Cup. As the Ducks continue to improve on the ice, so does the team’s secondary market average for ticket prices at the Honda Center. According to TiqIQ, the season average for Ducks tickets is $96.18, marking a 20.4% increase from last season’s average of $79.86. Below are the five most expensive games of the season on the secondary market.

1/11 vs Winnipeg Jets | Avg. Price: $253.74 | Get-in: $102

Since their reincarnation in the 2011-12 season, the Jets have flirted with records just above .500 in each of the last three seasons. The team hasn’t reached the playoffs since their days as the Atlanta Thrashers in 2007, but they still bring the highest premium to the Honda Center this season for their visit on January 11. The average price for Ducks vs Jets tickets is $253.74 on the secondary market, 163.8% above the season average, with a get-in price of $102.

3/6 vs Pittsburgh Penguins | Avg. Price: $147.41 | Get-in: $33

The Penguins head to Anaheim on March 6 and they will serve as the second most expensive home game on the Ducks schedule, though will see a much smaller premium than the Jets bring to the Honda Center two months prior. The average secondary price for Ducks vs Penguins tickets is $147.41, 53.2% above the season average, with get-in price starting at $33. The Ducks travel to Pittsburgh to open the season against the Penguins, serving as the first of two games the teams will play in the regular season this year.

3/18 vs Los Angeles Kings | Avg. Price: $147.33 | Get-in: $34

The Ducks will welcome the defending Stanley Cup champion Kings on March 18, which will be the team’s third most expensive game. The average price for Ducks vs LA Kings tickets is $147.33 on the secondary market, 53.1% above the season average.. The game is currently just eight cents cheaper than the game against the Penguins 12 days prior. The Kings will play at the Honda Center three times over the regular season, however, which has allowed ticket premium to spread out over those games.

11/28 vs Chicago Blackhawks | Avg. Price: $145.57 | Get-in: $34

On November 28, the Ducks will host a game against the Blackhawks and will see their fourth highest-priced ticket average on the secondary market this season. The average secondary price for Ducks vs Blackhawks tickets is $145.57, 51.3% above the season average. The game will serve as the first of three meetings between the teams this season, with the Blackhawks visiting the Honda Center twice. Chicago took two out of three games in the regular season last year and will hope to capitalize on their two road visits to Anaheim in the coming months.

2/27 vs Los Angeles Kings | Avg. Price: $144 | Get-in: $35

Their third of five meetings over the regular season, the Ducks and Kings will play each other in Anaheim on February 27. The average price for the game is $144 on the secondary market, 49.7% above the season average, with a get-in price of $35. The late-February game marks the second time the Kings will visit the Honda Center this season.  The team will make its final appearance in Anaheim on March 18, though a playoff scenario between Anaheim and Los Angeles has become increasingly conceivable as each team continues to excel.