NHL Makes New Offer

Don't believe everything you hear when it comes to the NHL, especially when it comes to hills they will die on.  Or maybe not…. Bill Daly swore up and down that five year contracts for players were it.  Period.  Not going to yield or change his mind.  Usually it is a woman's perogative to change […]

More Cancellations; Union to Disband

The NHL continues to whittle away at the season, bit by painful bit.  The latest cancellations take away games through January 14.  Do they really think that there is going to be a season? Even though the NHLPA has voted overwhelmingly to disband and dissolve the union, if you think that any hockey is going […]

More Cancellations, More Mediation for NHL

Why can’t we all just get along? In the case of the NHL, why can’t you all find some middle ground and get a new collective bargaining agreement? Seeing as the most recent (and most promising) talks broke down, the NHL found it in their hearts to cancel two more weeks of games.  Like the […]

Progress Halted….Again….in NHL Discussions

Do not be an NHL fan if you don’t like roller coasters, yo-yos, being manic depressive or just yanked around in general.  Talks are going well. Up!  Talks have halted again.  Down.   Progress and proposals.  Up!  Rejections and “still far apart.”  Down.   Better take your dramamine if you are going to follow this one any […]

Players and Owners Meet and Make Progress

In the NHL season that hasn’t been, getting news that there might be a glimmer of hope in the lockout is a good thing.  Then again, hopes have been dashed before. Mediators had been brought in.  They concluded it was an impossible task.  Perhaps not their words exactly, but when professional mediators cannot help two […]

More Cancellations; No All Star Game

Dear NHL fans, in order to give you less to be thankful for, Gary Bettman has axed more of your favorites.  Games are now cancelled through December 14 and the annual All Star Game that was to be held in Columbus was kiboshed as well. It is getting a little tiresome at this point. Bobby […]

No Thanks to the NHL

It is the middle of November.  Thanksgiving is next week.  Stores have been looking at Christmas since about September.  Hockey fans?  Nothing to look forward to.  Still. All the November games were canceled.  The Winter Classic?  Canceled.  Further talks and negotiations between the NHL and the NHLPA?  Canceled.  The only thing these guys seem capable […]

NHL Cancels November Games

This is starting to get old.  NHL makes offer that the NHLPA is not supposed to refuse.  NHLPA refuses.  Counteroffers by NHLPA also refused.  No talking.  No negotiating.  Self-imposed deadline passes.  Cancel games. Like the shampoo instructions, rinse and repeat.  Eventually all the games for the 2012-2013 season will be washed away clean. The NHL […]

New CBA Talks Stall Quickly

Well it looked promising.  But almost as soon as they began again, CBA talks between the NHL and NHLPA ended just as abruptly.   New talks, new offers, new disagreements, same old same old. On Tuesday Gary Bettman announced its latest proposal to the NHLPA.  The proposal offered a 50/50 split of league revenues while honoring […]

NHL Non-Opening Night; Stalemate Continues

October 11, 2012.  Opening night for the NHL.  Not. That got canceled a week ago, as well as the first two weeks of games.  Are the owners and players any closer to coming to a new collective bargaining agreement to end this nonsense?  Nope. Neither side refuses to budge on the biggest issue there is […]

NHL Begins Hacking Away at the Season

And so it begins.  Hacking away at the regular season.  The NHL announced it was eliminating the first two weeks of the regular season. They already dismantled the pre-season because both the NHL and NHLPA cannot come to an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement.  That has caused a loss of over $100 million, […]

NHL Cancels Remainder of Pre-Season

If the NFL can come to a quick resolution with the referees’ union, why can’t the NHL and the NHLPA figure things out?  Then again, having replacement refs did a lot to motivate a new agreement.  Perhaps the suggestion by the Toronto Sun that there be replacement players in the NHL is not such a […]

Training Camp Starts tomor…..

Training camp begins tomorrow!  Right?   Oh fudge, I guess that means I did not wake up from a bad dream and there really is a lockout in the NHL. Again.  Nuts. To top off my banana split of disappointment (I’ve got my fudge and nuts, now let’s add the cherry on top), the NHL just […]

Ducks Make Roster Moves

File this under “no surprise.”  The Anaheim Ducks sent a whole bunch of young players to their AHL affiliate in Norfolk, a sure sign that there will be no training camp next week.  Lockout, here we come.  Players sent to Norfolk include Igor Bobkov, Josh Brittain, Mat Clark, Marco Cousineau, Corey Elkins, Emerson Etem, Peter […]

CBA, Visnovsky, Bieber and Quebec

There are a lot of reasons to hope that a new collective bargaining agreement can be put in place before its expiration on September 15.  One of the best reasons is that there might actually be real hockey news for a change.  Like training camps opening.  Pre-season.  Home openers.  Actually NHL hockey being played. With […]