Ducks Stop Losing Streak with 4-1 Victory over Montreal

A victory for the Ducks over the Canadiens was an itsy bitsy teeny weeny baby step for Anaheim.  After seven losses in a row, the Ducks desperately needed a victory to keep any semblance of morale amongst the team.  They got the boost they needed against Montreal and hopefully the momentum they need to put […]

Ducks Losing Heart As Well As Games

There is an old definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Right about now, both Ducks fans and the Anaheim Ducks team are completely, certifiably insane.  Ducks fans are insane because they keep showing up (or watching) games, expecting a win every time.  They figure the […]

Blackhawks Get Black Friday Victory Over Ducks

Just when you think the Ducks are taking baby steps forward, they can’t quite move far enough ahead to win a game.  Instead, the inability to recover when the slightest adversity hits continues to plague Anaheim.  The latest loss, 6-5 to the Chicago Blackhawks, proves that point. The Ducks, who have been slow to get […]

Coyotes Easily Take Ducks, 4-2

If a team wins in Phoenix, does anyone know?  The announced attendance was just over 9,000, and you know they don’t all show up.  Then again, even if it weren’t Phoenix, there would not be much reason to show up to watch the Anaheim Ducks play hockey.   Unless you are the opposing team. With a […]

Ducks Continue Dive in 4-2 Loss to Detroit

Twenty games down, just 62 more occasions of ineptitude, errors and eventual losses before the season ends. After yet another loss, this one a 4-2 fiasco against the Detroit Red Wings, the Anaheim Ducks are looker lamer by the minute.   6-10-4 in the first quarter and only two teams with worse records in the entire […]

Kings Down Ducks Second Night in a Row

So as a Duck fan, where are you in the stages of death and dying for your team?  Denial?  Anger?  Bargaining?  Depression?  Acceptance? As the season continues in the muck and mire and what appears to be a fighting chance at the number one draft pick in June, I am personally getting pretty close to […]

Kings Prevail Over Ducks in Shootout

The first meeting of the season between the Kings and the Ducks that ended in a 2-1 shootout victory for the Kings was not nearly as even as the final score would make it appear. Were it not for superb goaltending by Jonas Hiller, the game would have been over in the first period.  The […]

Ducks Make Moves; Prepare for Kings

Having won only two games in the past 12, the Ducks will need to do something, fast, to turn things around.  Nothing like a good old-fashioned rivalry with the team up the road to get you motivated! The Ducks will play the Los Angeles Kings in a back to back series on Wednesday at Staples […]

Ducks Claim Hagman; Send Holland to AHL

A day after another check in the loss column, the Ducks claimed Niklas Hagman off re-entry waivers from the Calgary Flames. The 31 year old left wing has appeared in 707 career NHL games with Florida, Dallas, Toronto and Calgary.   Hagman was unclaimed when he initially went on waivers last Thursday.   However, splitting his $3 […]

Minnesota Goes Wild Over Ducks

Third game in a row where the team that plays the Ducks has played the Kings the night before.  Third game in a row, where the supposedly “tired” opponent does not go down easily.   Especially when being beaten the night before.  Minnesota was not happy about losing to the Kings and took it out on […]

Visnovsky Broken Finger; Maxwell Claimed

I had to wait for a writing visa before I could mention that the Ducks had claimed center Ben Maxwell off waivers from the Winnipeg Jets.   Maxwell was claimed on Thursday, but has been unable to join to Ducks because he is still waiting for his visa.  Seeing as most government offices in the US […]

Ducks Squeak By Canucks with 4-3 Victory

Losing six games in a row sure makes you hunger for win.  Any kind of a win.  As Corey Perry stated after the Ducks 4-3 victory (barely) over the Vancouver Canucks, it was ugly, but they’ll take it. The Canucks had played the Kings the night before.  Theoretically they should have been the tired team.  […]

Ducks Still Can’t Solve Predators

Have the Ducks hit bottom yet?  If that were the case, there would be nowhere to go but up.  The Columbus Blue Jackets are the only team beneath Anaheim in the Western Conference, as well as the NHL.  And even the Blue Jackets, who have a whopping two wins, were able to defeat the Ducks.  […]

Parros Eye Surgery and More on Visors

While George Parros is out of the Anaheim Ducks line up for the next four weeks recovering from a retinal tear, he better start thinking “visor.”  His latest eye injuries can be added to the growing list of reasons why they should be mandatory. In hockey, pucks happen.  As do sticks.  And other flukes of […]

Detroit Dominates Ducks, 5-0

Some things are predictable.   The sun will rise in east.   You will pay taxes.  You will die.   Kim Kardashian’s marriage will not last.   The Ducks will lose when they play in Detroit in the regular season.   The last time hell froze over (in other words, the Ducks won a game at the […]