It’s Chicago vs. Boston for the Cup!

The Original 6 NHL teams have been around a long time.   And with only six teams for 40 years, you would think that Chicago and Boston would have met in the finals at some point along the way.    Nope.  Not until this year.

The Stanley Cup is going to return to either the Bruins, who won in 2011, or the Blackhawks, who won in 2010. 

The Stanley Cup will not be going to the Los Angeles Kings, who like so many before them hoped to repeat.   On this day last year, the Kings finally won the Cup after 45 years of trying.   But like 27 other teams, they are going to be sitting the final round out this year.

The Bruins and Blackhawks are about as evenly matched as you can get and this is not going to be a short series.  Boston may have swept the Penguins, but Chicago is not going to stand for that. 

Game action begins on Wednesday night with game one at Chicago, followed by game two on Saturday night .

The depressing thing about the Cup Finals is waiting for the games and between the games.  When the playoffs began about six weeks ago, you had your daily pick of at least three games every single day.  

As the field has been narrowed down, it got to the point of one a day.  So with Chicago finishing off the Kings on Saturday night, four days to wait for your next hockey fix seems downright cruel and unusual. 

On the other hand, having hockey last late into June is a delightful luxury to have (which seems to make up for the lack of it during the lockout. 

Within two weeks, we will know who gets to lift the Cup, again.  Who will be the hero?  Who will be the Conn Smythe winner?  (Jonathan Quick yielded that title pretty quickly in the post season.  Had he been able to replicate last year's playoff success, the Kings would still be playing.)

Bring it on and let the finals begin!

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Just a diehard Ducks fan since 1995, when the team filled the hockey shaped vacuum in my heart.