Ducks Keep Sliding in Loss to Sharks

It is a good thing the Ducks have built a nice cushion in the Pacific Division, because right now, they are tanking.  Bad.

After a marvelous and unexpected start to the season that has included two defeats of Chicago, the number one team in the NHL, Anaheim has now managed to string together a four game losing streak that does not look pretty. 

Really?  This is the same team that defeated Chicago a week ago in regulation?  Apparently the Blackhawks exercised some bad mojo on the Ducks for revenge. 

The latest drubbing came from the San Jose Sharks, who happily did in the Ducks in the first three minutes of the game.  The Sharks showed up in the 4-0 loss.  The Ducks?  Not sure where they were.

Joe Pavelski scored one minute into the game and that was really all they needed.  Anaheim should have conceded then and there.  Instead, Ducks fans had to painfully sit through the rest of the 59 minutes that added to the spanking.

Patrick Marleau made it 2-0 at 4:52.  Brent Burns added a power play marker at 9:20.  Tommy Wingels put the final nail in the coffin at 6:44 of the third period while they were short-handed.  Ouch, ouch, and boy that hurts.

Antti Niemi stopped 22 shots for the victory.  Jonas Hiller stopped 25 shots and did not get much support from his teammates.

"We have to find the crux of the problem of our starts sooner or later because every team in the NHNL sees this and will say, 'Get on them in the first five minutes, they're never ready,' " said coach Bruce Boudreau.

Hiller agreed.

"We're just not ready first.  We talk about it and don't do it.  We've got to change something….Right now we want to do too much.  We don't trust each other that much that everybody's doing his job.  Everybody wants to do the other guys' job too.  We start running around all over the place.  That's something we need to look at."

Guess what?  They have less than 48 hours to look at it and rectify the problem before they meet up with Chicago again.  Do you think Chicago might be just a little motivated to exact a little revenge on Anaheim on Friday night?  You betcha.  

If the Ducks are not ready for that, they should hide their little duckie tails between their legs and vanish somewhere.

"It just has to stop." said Boudreau.  "This has to stop."

From your lips to God's ears, Bruce.

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