Blackhawks Win Second Stanley Cup

The match up between the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins was as good as was expected, but in the end, the Blackhawks were victorious in six games.    The only surprise was that the series did not go to seven games, unless of course you count triple overtime in the first game as an extra game in and of itself.

Late in the game the score was tied at 1-1 and looked like things could go to overtime.  When the Bruins went ahead 2-1, game seven looked like a very good possibility.

Then came the final 17 seconds. 

With Corey Crawford pulled for the extra attacker, the Blackhawks tied up the game and just over a minute left to play.  Perhaps another overtime game would be in order.

Then :17 seconds later Chicago scored again, putting a puck past a seemingly surprised Tuukka Rask.   Perhaps Rask was a little rattled when the Blackhawks tied the game.  He certainly did not look ready for or even expect the eventual game winning shot to get past him.  

Dave Bolland was the hero. The score stuck at 3-2 and the Blackhawks celebrated on Bruins ice. 

Patrick Kane was the Conn Smythe winner for most valuable player in the playoffs.

What a game and what a finish!  What a great way to introduce hockey to friends I was staying with on vacation!   Luckily, they don't have neighbors close by, or they would have wondered what was going on. 

Congratulations to the Blackhawks! 

They were the best team all year, and it was a fitting finish.  The only regret is that the Ducks did not meet them in the playoffs, because Anaheim was the only team that had Chicago's number all year.   It could have been different, but que sera sera…..

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