Anaheim Stymied by Detroit Second Time in a Row

Wanting to bounce back from an awful game against the Detroit Red Wings on Friday night, the Ducks gave it a second go on Sunday.   The results were better, but still not enough to overcome Jimmy Howard's superb goaltending in the 2-1 loss.  It was the first time the Ducks have lost two in a row all season long.

As it was on Friday evening, the Ducks fell behind when Dan Cleary scored on the first power play of the game at 4:14. 

Former Duck, Drew Miller, made it 2-0 for Detroit when he stuck the puck through Jonas Hiller's five hole at 8:46 of the first period.  

The Ducks had moments where they played well and a late power play goal from Ryan Getzlaf in the second period put the Ducks back by a single goal.  Howard refused to let anything else in, making 33 saves to give the Red Wings the win. 

"We were all over them," commented Andrew Cogliano after the game. "We had a couple of shifts there where they were out there for maybe a minute-ten. It's just a matter of putting the puck in. You put so much in to get chances. There's a lot of different looks we had. It's just they didn't go in. You've got to give some credit to their (defensemen) and their goalie for sure."

In the final minutes of the third period, Getzlaf was called for tripping, a penalty he vehemantly opposed.  His protests earned him an unsportsmanlike penalty as well as a misconduct.  Teemu Selanne and Corey Perry also added misconducts for being equally vocal. 

Despite the advantage for the Red Wings, Cam Fowler had a beauty of a chance that could not have come any closer to tie up the game in the final second.   Close, but no cigar. 

The frustrated Ducks got to mull over their second loss in a row for a very brief time while looking to take on the San Jose Sharks the next day.

"That’s part of being professional," said Getzlaf.  "That’s the one benefit we have in the back-to-back games. We get to go right back at it tomorrow. The benefit we have is we’re heading in the right direction. We’re not going on a downward spiral. The other game we didn’t play very well. Tonight we played well, but we played just well enough to lose. Hopefully we’re on the incline and tomorrow night we can play well enough to win.”


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