Training Camp Starts tomor…..

Training camp begins tomorrow!  Right?  

Oh fudge, I guess that means I did not wake up from a bad dream and there really is a lockout in the NHL. Again.  Nuts.

To top off my banana split of disappointment (I’ve got my fudge and nuts, now let’s add the cherry on top), the NHL just announced the pre-season has been canceled through September 30 in light of no new collective bargaining agreement.

What I want to hear announced is that both sides are meeting and are furiously working on putting together a new agreement.  One where both sides work on compromise, eliminate greed, and actually put the fans first. 

Oh yeah.   We already covered the fact that I’ve been dreaming.

The only thing that is happening is that players are leaving the US and Canada like lemmings to flee to Russia and other European countries to have a chance to play hockey this season. 

And the fans?  Out in the cold unless they have an AHL, or other minor league team nearby.  College hockey is also an option.  Even high school hockey. 

It is going to be a looooonnnnnnngggggggg off-season.

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