Ryan Rumors; 2012-2013 Schedule

Seems like the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Will there ever be a time when there are no rumors about Bobby Ryan being shopped around by the Anaheim Ducks? 

Ever since Ryan joined the team, he has never been able to truly feel settled.  Back and forth to the AHL.  Switching around on every single lines.  Different position on the ice.  And those trade rumors?  Incessant.

They’ve ramped back up again in recent days, especially as the annual entry draft is about to happen.  Before July 1 and free agency, there are plenty of deals and trades made to improve drafting positions. 

TSN has reported that Ryan is on the trading block and GM Bob Murray has confirmed that he is “listening” to offers because he is always trying to improve the team.  Everyone else is chiming in as well. 

Much is being made because Columbus Blue Jackets winger, Rick Nash, is also up for sale.  Ryan provides a cheaper, younger option for teams looking to acquire a solid 30 goal scoring power forward.  Perhaps Columbus won’t get as much as they were hoping now that there is another choice out there. 

At least Murray has stated that it would have to be the right offer for him to accept it. 

For now, the rumors swirl.  What will really happen remains to be seen.  Even if it is not accomplished by the draft, I don’t recommend that he memorize the Ducks 2012-2013 schedule just yet.   It is highly likely that someone will eventually make Murray an offer he cannot refuse and Ryan will be going elsewhere.   Until then, he is Duck.

With the schedule for next season already out, Ducks fans can certainly plan ahead. 

The Ducks will open their season on Friday, October 12 at home against the San Jose Sharks.   They will finish up their season away from home, but just up the road to face the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday, April 13.   The first time the Ducks get to meet up with the defending Stanley Cup champions will be November 18 at the Honda Center.  Another team will get to watch when the Kings unfurl their banner.   Some annual Duck traditions include the day after Thanksgiving game matinee against the Chicago Blackhawks and a third consecutive New Year’s Eve game against the Colorado Avalanche. 

Road trips and home stands seem pretty evenly balanced.  The longest home stand is in November with six games.  There will be road trips, but the longest will be five games.  No marathons on the road this year.

Who will be playing?  Will Ryan be in the line up?  And if so, will he be there the entire season?  Will Teemu Selanne really be back for one more year (and you know the fans will be asking for the next year, too)?   Who knows? 

At least watching it all unfold will be something to do in the off-season!

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