NHL Non-Opening Night; Stalemate Continues

October 11, 2012.  Opening night for the NHL.  Not.

That got canceled a week ago, as well as the first two weeks of games.  Are the owners and players any closer to coming to a new collective bargaining agreement to end this nonsense?  Nope.

Neither side refuses to budge on the biggest issue there is – money.  Ironically, in a pursuit to have the biggest share of the record $3.3 billion in revenue earned last year, the NHL and it’s players have already lost an estimated $230 million due to a canceled preseason and unplayed games.    Any percentage share of zero revenue is….zero.  Even the overly concussed players can do that kind of math.

Bill Daly, the NHL’s deputy commissioner under Gary Bettman, insists that there has always been an urgency on the part of the NHL to get a new CBA in place. 

“It’s been a fairly urgent situation for us all summer,” said Daly. ”We certainly viewed Sept. 15 to be the most relevant date. We certainly didn’t want to be in a lockout situation. I think it’s been an urgent negotiation for us all along. I can’t really speak for the players’ association.  Hopefully that’s an urgent matter for them. And hopefully that urgency can lead to some results in the near term.”

Meanwhile Donald Fehr, the NHLPA executive director, would spout equal malfeasance on the part of the NHL.

“Look, the owners started out by running as fast as they could and as hard as they could away from the players, saying ‘Catch me if you can, even though every move you make is against your own interests.’” said Fehr earlier this month. “This isn’t Ping-Pong. You have to distinguish between offers which are really made for the purpose of trying to reach an agreement and those which aren’t.”

Quite entertaining if they both were not so serious about it. 

Instead of watching hockey, fans get to watch this spectacle instead.   Not really a substitute in the least. 

More and more players are meandering to Europe.  Those who qualify have gone down to the AHL.  Others are finding interesting things to do at home to keep them busy. 

Ryan Getzlaf is chasing after his toddler son while waiting for baby number two to be born in a couple of months.

Teemu Selanne, who should be adding more points to his already impressive career totals, is at home with his family.  With four children that is busy enough for him.  Despite his agelessness, he still has a limited amount of time to be playing hockey and the lockout is severely cutting into that time.

Bobby Ryan is getting in practices where he can and claims he has no desire to take someone’s job away from them in the European leagues. 

And the fans?  Wondering when all this nonsense will be resolved so that they can contribute to those revenues that both sides want to gobble up hungrily. 

If the lockout continues, look for fewer revenues from disgruntled folks who have already had enough of this moronic nonsense.

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