More Cancellations; No All Star Game

Dear NHL fans, in order to give you less to be thankful for, Gary Bettman has axed more of your favorites.  Games are now cancelled through December 14 and the annual All Star Game that was to be held in Columbus was kiboshed as well.

It is getting a little tiresome at this point.

Bobby Ryan, who swore he was not going to take someone else’s job overseas, realized the lockout was going to be a wee bit longer than he planned.  He’s now heading to Sweden to play with Mora IK of the Allsvenskan league.

Teemu Selanne just might say screw it to hockey if the lockout continues. 

The Ottawa Sun is right. 

“Stop already.

Enough of all the bull.

This lockout is never going to end.

Can we not just jump to that conclusion and move on with life?

I mean, it would be fantastic to have the game back, of course, but it’s not going to happen, not anytime soon.

So just stop playing with our emotions Gary, Donald, Bill, Steve and every other guilty Tom, Dick and Harry.

Go away.

All us regular folk — us hundred-aires and thousand-aires — have now even grown tired of laughing at you.

Right now is about pleading with the current cast of clowns to move on and leave us alone.

Their greed, and the nerve they have to keep holding fans hostage as they fight with each other over the billions the fans give them … it’s well beyond frustrating and sickening.

Come out Monday morning and do the right thing, Gary Bettman.

Cancel one more chunk of the season. A big one. The rest of the schedule.

Then go away.” You can read the rest of the article there. 

It would be lovely to have something new and different to report.  Until then, this lockout is lather, rinse, repeat.  Time to wash the NHL out of our hair….


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