Sexton Re-Signed; McGrattan too

If you are a Ducks fan and have been sleeping the past 10 days, you have not missed much.  Free agency appears to be something the other teams are working on. 

Anaheim has not been completely quiet, however.  Today the Ducks announced that they had come to an agreement with Dan Sexton for a two year contract.

Sexton had been made a qualifying offer in June, but he elected to go to arbitration instead of taking the basic offer.  Arbitration never ends pretty, for either side.  Management – you are a lousy player and not worth the money we pay you.  Player – I am God’s gift to hockey at my position and you are lucky to have me on your team.  It always leaves a sour taste in everyone’s mouth.

Sexton gets to avoid all that unpleasantness now. 

The 24 year old right wing agreed to a two year deal that is a two-way contract in year one and one way contract in year two.  Year one and two both pay $550,000 per year, but if he is in the AHL in year one, he will make $105,000. 

Sexton earned a lot of frequent flyer miles last season going between Anaheim and the Ducks AHL affiliate in Syracuse.  He ended up playing 47 games with the big club, scoring 4 goals and 13 points.

Last week, the Ducks also signed right wing Brian McGrattan to a one-year contract.  The 29 year old was acqured from Boston last season and spent the entire time in Syracuse. 

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