Jacques Suspended 5 Games; Waived by Ducks

Ever since Sheriff Shanahan came to town there is no question that there is no tolerance for NHL violators.   Shanahan has already had several tests of his authority and has laid down the law in all of them, handing out bans right and left.  As a result, he has been dubbed “Brendan Shanaban.” 

The nice thing that Shanahan has added is video about why he has determined the punishment to be meted out, with back up documentation of the rules violated and eyewitness proof of the crime.  

One thing is certain, he is being consistent in doling out harsh sentences to the guilty parties involved.  You just know in the regular season that Alexander Ovechkin is going to be subject to the same consequences as a Jean-Francois Jacques. 

Jacques, acquired by Anaheim in off-season, made a brainless blunder on Saturday night in Vancouver.   With less than five minutes to go in the game, Jacques came onto the ice for a line change, but made a beeline to Mike Duco to instigate a fight.  In the no-no code of fights, he continued to punch Duco when he was down on the ice.

Jacques automatically served a one game suspension and had his hearing on Tuesday.  Shanahan threw Jacques in the slammer for the remainder of the pre-season and five regular season games.  Adios Finland!

“We certainly understand and support what the league is doing with regards to discipline, and we accept this suspension,” was GM Bob Murray’s response to the suspension. ”We do want our players defending each other, and I think that was J.F.’s intent. However, he went about it the wrong way. So we accept this and move on.”

The suspension will cost Jacques $17,567.55 of his $650,000 NHL salary, which will go to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

Anaheim Ducks coach Randy Carlyle did not offer support for his player’s actions.

“It’s hard to defend that,” Carlyle told the Orange County Register. ”You can’t defend what he did. He ran across the ice and went after a guy. It’s kind of like you’re at a loss for words when it’s happening. You’re shaking your head. What do you do?  There’s no masking what happened. I’m sure he’s not proud of it and we’re not proud of it as an organization and a coaching staff.”

For those borderline players who are trying to make the team, there will be an extra spot available for at least the first five games.  Depending upon performance, that could very well mean that Jacques is out of a job.  Or at the very least will spend a great deal of time on game day wearing his nice suit and sitting in the press box.

At least he won’t be alone. 

Former Duck James Wisniewski got eight games for his on ice sins.  Jody Shelley got five games.  Brad Staubitz got four games.  Brad Boyes got two games. 

Shanahan has been a busy little rule enforcer, protecting player safety right and left.  Players better get the message early – do the crime and you will do the time!

EDITED SEPTEMBER 28 – It appears that Jacques will ponder his misdeeds in the AHL.  The Ducks put Jacques on waivers on Wednesday morning.  Jacques can play in the AHL, but will still have to serve the NHL suspension.  Another roster spot just opened up long term.

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