Jacques Life of Ups and Downs

He’s up.  He’s down.  He’s up again.  No, wait, he’s down. 

Such is the life of J. F. Jacques these days. 

After being handed a five game suspension in the pre-season, the Ducks handed Jacques his first plane ticket to Syracuse, where he has spent the past month. 

However, the Ducks are now playing yo-yo with Jacques in a clever way of burning off the NHL suspension while giving him playing time in the AHL.

Jacques was recalled to Anaheim early Sunday morning, which meant that game one of the suspension was served that evening.  Game two was served when the Ducks played Chicago on Tuesday. 

Did you check the Crunch schedule? 

Jacques was then sent back to Syracuse, where he played on Wednesday night.  He scored twice in the 7-0 victory.

Did you check the Ducks schedule?  Guess who has been recalled, again? 

Jacques will serve game three of his suspension with the Ducks while they play Minnesota this evening. 

He better not unpack his carry-on bag, because the chances are real good he will be back in Syracuse playing again before rejoining the Ducks on their seven game road trip to finish off the suspension.  At least the mileage is less between Syracuse and the midwest, but if he does not know the airport personnel and flight attendants by now, he sure will when he is finished!

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