Jacques Back Down; Bonino Up

J.F. Jacques has finally served all five games of his suspension that was handed down in the pre-season.  Of course most of the time was spent in airports between Syracuse and whereever the Ducks were playing on the road.  Having completed the required games, Jacques was then sent on yet another airplane back to Syracuse.   Again. 

Next summer he should be able to fly anywhere in the world for free on a vacation.  But will he want to?

Passing each other in the airwaves, Nick Bonino has gotten the call up to Anaheim (or more specifically, Washington, D.C., where they play on Tuesday night). 

Considering how horribly the Ducks have been playing of late, they could use a little infusion of youthful enthusiasm.  Bonino, 23, has scored a team-leading 2 goals and 11 points in nine games with Syracuse this season.  At the time of his recall, Bonino was tied for fourth among AHL leaders in assists and second on the Crunch in points-per-game (1.22).

The Ducks have three more road games before returning home on Sunday.  They must play the Washington Capitals (who are having an awesome season), the New York Rangers (whom they defeated in Stockholm in a shootout), and the Detroit Red Wings (when is the last time the Ducks won at Joe Louis in a non-playoff game?). 

It does not get any easier for the Ducks and they need to figure things out now.  Not in a month.  Not in March.  Now. 

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