Carlyle Out; Boudreau In

File this under things I did not expect to see. 

Coach Randy Carlyle is coach no longer of the Anaheim Ducks.  After earning an extension and continued praise from General Manager Bob Murray, who insisted players would go before Carlyle, the unimaginable finally happened.

After a 4-1 victory over Montreal, only their second victory in the month of November, Carlyle got the axe.  As did his assistants, Dave Farrish and Nick Foligno.  Video coach Joe Trotta also gets to collect unemployment benefits.   Carlyle had been head coach since 2005, one of the longer tenured coaches in the NHL.

“This was an extremely difficult decision,” said Murray in a prepared statement. “Randy is a terrific head coach and did a tremendous job for us for six-plus seasons. We thank him greatly for his hard work and dedication to our franchise, not the least of which was a Stanley Cup championship. At this time, we simply felt a new voice was needed. Bruce is a proven winner with a great track record, and we are optimistic we can turn this season around under his leadership.”

Bruce is Bruce Boudreau, who was fired on Monday from the Washington Capitals. 

Let’s see if Boudreau can help the Ducks stay facing in the right direction that they turned this evening.  And let’s certainly hope there is no swear jar, because Boudreau will fill that thing up before he even arrives in Anaheim.

Boudreau will be heading up Thursday practice at Anaheim Ice at 11:00am, with a press conference to follow. 

A Ducks win and they fired the coach.  Yes, the world is truly coming to an end.

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