Welcome to On the Duck Pond

Welcome to On the Duck Pond!  While I am new to Bloguin, I am not new to covering the Anaheim Ducks.  I have covered Ducks hockey for the past three years, primarily on a now-defunct site.

I have been a die-hard Ducks and hockey fan since 1995, through thick and thin, good and bad, and best of all, the Stanley Cup in 2007.  Being credentialed since 2007 has enabled me to provide both a personal, fan perspective as well as a professional perspective of the team.

I will provide my insights and observations, whether it be game recaps, daily looks at practice, player interviews or stats.

I am looking forward to hearing your feedback and comments and hope that you have a swimmingly good time while you are here, no matter how the team is doing!

About Karen Francis

Just a diehard Ducks fan since 1995, when the team filled the hockey shaped vacuum in my heart.