Voros on IR; Sexton Recalled

To say that Aaron Voros has had a little bad luck lately would be like saying teenage boys like to eat a little.  Gross misunderstatement.

Voros was recently put on IR due to a horrendous case of the flu.  Players get the flu all the time and have “flu-like” symptoms.  They only miss a game or two.  Voros?  Out for over a week.

Voros went on the Ducks two game road trip to Canada and was taken off the IR and inserted into the line-up on Wednesday night against Vancouver.

That didn’t last long.

Just :16 seconds into the second period, Voros got into a fight with Kevin Bieksa.   George Parros once described Bieksa as the sneakiest, toughest, strongest guy he’d encountered.  So it was no surprise that Voros got the worst of the beating. 

Little did Voros know that was just the beginning of the indignities to be suffered.  First he was thrown out of the game with a game misconduct on top of his five minutes for fighting.  The referee decided that instead of coming off the bench for a line change, Voros came off the bench to fight, thus booting him out of the game. 

Total time on ice on Wednesday?  1:25.  Three shifts.  15 penalty minutes.

Bieksa landed plenty of fists on Voros’ head and face.  One of them must have landed just right because Voros is now back on IR with a broken orbital bone in his left eye. 

The winger just can’t seem to get a break.  Then again, I guess he could.  It was just the wrong kind of break. 

So in the meantime, Dan Sexton returns from Syracuse, racking up more frequent flyer miles between New York and California.  With Teemu Selanne’s groin still in question, Sexton might be in Anaheim for a while. 

At least Sexton is more productive than Voros.  Voros has been mostly a healthy scratch, playing in only 11 games and not having a single point to show for it.  Sexton has managed to play in 13, despite being bounced back and forth to Syracuse, and has a goal and two assists.  

Sexton will likely be in the line-up this evening against Calgary.

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