Chipchura Re-signed; What About Ryan?!

Three days until the NHL Draft.  Nine days until free agency begins on July 1.   More than two months have passed since the Ducks played their final game of the regular season and headed to the off-season.  Plenty of time to get restricted free agent, Bobby Ryan, signed to a new contract, right?  Wrong!

The Ducks did re-sign center Kyle Chipchura to a one year contract extension worth $625,000 last week.  Chipchura was acquired from Montreal on December 2, 2009, and fit in well with the Ducks.  Chipchura is not afraid of physical play and he settled in nicely between the third and fourth line for the remainder of the season.  He chipped in a career high of six goals and six assists and was solid in the face off circle.

While it is nice to know the Ducks are not dormant, it is alarming that there is no news on the Ryan front.  Eric Stephens of the Orange County Register has reported there is no news to even discuss.  No talks with Ryan’s agent.  Stephens describes Ryan as being “concerned,” as well he should be.

Ryan continues to affirm his desire to remain in Anaheim.  Other reports are that he is not asking for money equal to or greater than that which Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry are receiving.  If that is the case, what is the matter?

There are more than a few Ducks fans who would take pitchforks and burning oil to the Honda Center and aim it at GM Bob Murray if he 1) doesn’t re-sign Ryan, 2) allows Ryan to be snapped up by a nice offer sheet on July 1, and/or 3) trades Ryan away for nothing less than a spectacular player or players in return.

With Scott Niedermayer’s retirement announcement coming later today, perhaps now Murray knows he has the money to sign Ryan to a contract.  One can only hope that is the case and not that Murray is dragging his feet.  Patience is not known amongst Ducks fans and right now, they are losing patience.


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