Canucks Hand Ducks 4-1 Loss

The sound you hear in the distance is the orchestra warming up.  The fat lady will be coming out shortly to sing.

The Ducks continued woes on the road this entire season were a main contributor to them not getting into the playoffs for the first time since the 2003-2004 season.   Not one single person on the roster today can remember that season because none of them played on the team that year.  Not even Teemu Selanne, who was languishing with a bad knee in Colorado that year.

Every single one of the players better remember the feeling this year and make sure it does not happen again.

The latest 4-1 defeat to Vancouver on Wednesday night gave the Ducks an 11-20-5 record on the road.  Winning one out of three games on the road will not get you a playoff spot.

Worse, the defeat dropped them to 13th place in the Western Conference a whopping 11 points behind Detroit.  How many points before they are mathematically eliminated altogether?

The magic number is seven.  Lose two more, and Detroit wins two more and you can start officially making those tee times and off-season vacation plans.

“It’s a lot of fun when things are working out,” said Henrik Sedin, who had three assists in the game last night and now has 99 points on the season.

For the Ducks, it sure isn’t fun for them right now.

Christian Ehrhoff scored on the power play in the first period and Daniel Sedin made it 2-0 going into the second.  A critical error by Brett Festerling behind the net meant that he coughed up the puck to Henrik, and Alexander Burrows made it 3-0 and unreachable for the Ducks.

The only thing the Ducks put past Andrew Raycroft, getting a rare start in net, was Saku Koivu’s goal from Selanne midway through the third.   They had chances, but nothing else would go in.

Ryan Kesler sealed the deal with an empty net goal at the end.  Although it seemed ridiculous to expect two goals in the final minute from a team that couldn’t put it together for 60 minutes.

The Ducks now go lick their wounds back to Alberta for a game against Edmonton.  Edmonton has already been eliminated from the playoffs.

Like an out of control, rapidly accelerating Toyota, the Ducks are careening towards elimination, too, with no seeming ability to find the brakes or even put it in neutral.

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